Sunday, May 10, 2015

Skólahreysti: Building Strong Kids in Iceland

I came across the VICE News piece about Iceland's culture around strength and fitness.  I got into the story because I have been focusing on strength training for the last few months.  I was impressed with another aspect of Iceland's commitment to fitness though. 

The reporter met up with family that runs a national physical competition for kids called the Skólahreysti.  This is a televised event similar to Ninja Warrior or the Crossfit Games.  Sölvi Fannar appears to be the mastermind behind this initiative for Iceland.  His comment that training to be better at this style of obstacle course will benefit athletes in any other sport.  I agree.

Unfortunately the trend today for kids in the US seems to be towards focusing on a single sport.  While there a host of reasons why I don't think this trend is postive, maybe something like the Skólahreysti, Crossfit or Ninja Warrior could take hold more broadly to help balance out the physical imbalances that single sport athletes might develop.  Maybe training for a fitness as a sport event could empower us to see lifelong physical fitness as a goal.