Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Core Principles for Exercise

Exercise science can be rather technical.  Kinesiology, while intuitive in many cases, can get rather scientific especially when someone is training with specific goals in mind.  If you just want to maintain general health and wellness, keep extra pounds off, and live longer & better, then the exercise formula you need is rather simple:
  1. Move every day
  2. Get outside often and in all weather
  3. Do a wide variety of activities focusing on the basic human movements
  4. Vary intensity and duration
  5. Spend time with others while you move
More is not better in exercise but consistency is key.  Just as you can't catch up once per week on sleeping, eating, or brushing your teeth, you have to move your body everyday.  I'll spend time on the other core principles in coming posts.

Move through life

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