Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jack Lalanne’s Self-Improvement Checklist

Jack Lalanne was a tremendously inspirational figure in the world of health and happiness.  Like Yogi Berra, he was full of witty nuggets of wisdom.  Below is one of his self-improvement checklists which is a great summation of his personal philosophy on life.  It covers much more territory than just eat right and exercise—both key parts of Jack’s message.  He also concerned himself with thinking positively about yourself and others while striving to be someone other people want to have around.  As a pioneer in the modern exercise and nutrition industry, his old school wisdom has stood the test of time.
I see my dentist regularly
I dress and look tidy and clean
I exercise my body regularly
I clean my teeth with care
I walk feeling vibrantly alive
I walk tall and carry my shoulders erect
I believe I am in good health
I don’t take sleeping pills or laxatives
I can, and will, do 10 half-situps or 10 push-ups right now
I want to look healthy and fit
Cigarettes aren’t necessary for my happiness
I pass up dessert if I’ve eaten enough
I am moderate in my alcohol consumption
I eat a healthy breakfast everyday
Meals are a positive part of my day
I keep fresh fruit and vegetables handy
I complimented my husband/wife today
I am pleasant to waitresses, cab drivers, etc.
I answer letters promptly
I give other drivers the right of way with courtesy
I never refuse to dance
People are glad to see me arrive
I am a cheerful person
I am comfortable listening while others converse
I am not critical of other people or age groups
I try to increase my vocabulary and use new words every week
I have read 20 of the world’s literary classics
I am getting everything possible out of my career
I am willing to work hard
I meditate on wise words I hear
I find it easy to say “I’m sorry”
I can say “I don’t know”
I don’t admit defeat easily
I don’t complain about my age
I can accept advice
My physical-marital relations are first-rate
I believe I have many productive years ahead of me
I believe life generally has gone well for me
I can be as romantic as I ever was
I welcome the start of each new day
I go to sleep easily at night and sleep soundly
It doesn’t embarrass me to be “a little silly” at times
I don’t make excuses for my shortcomings 

From page 40 of Jack Lalanne’s, Revitalize Your Life After 50

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